In 2014 AS3 released the 25th anniversary book. The 25 stories comprising the book are stories from our clients and candidates. The clients and candidates tell about their experiences within strategic management, change management, business closure, mass layoffs, stress handling and executive coaching.

Miljøstyrelsen case om karrierevejledning

Danish Environmental Protection Agency

"Nobody can say that I am now competent enough for the rest of my working life"

Read the story from the Danish EPA
Arla case om karriererådgivning


"We would like to open our childrens' eyes to other cultures"

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Aalto case om karriererådgivninger

Aalto University

"It's healthy to be challenged about what you can do and what your aims are"

Read the story from Aalto university
R82 karriere


"Welcoming another person is a nice feeling"

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Case om VG TV karrierevejledning

Verdens Gang

"Each person must be treated individually to get everyone on board"

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Case om Vestas karrierevejledning


"It is far too easy to just switch to autopilot and head off down the line"

Read the story from vestas