In 2014 AS3 released the 25th anniversary book. The 25 stories comprising the book are stories from our clients and candidates. The clients and candidates tell about their experiences within strategic management, change management, business closure, mass layoffs, stress handling and executive coaching.

Case Kellogs og forandringsledelse

Nordisk Kellogg

"Who dares to get out of their office to be where it really hurts?"

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Case Gresvig og forandringsledelse


"Change comes from people, not from goals and strategies"

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Tieto case om forandringsledelse


"It's not rocket science. It's people science"

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CGI case om forandringsledelse


"You do not get to know a new culture via e-learning"

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JN Data forandringsledelse

JN Data

"We are faster at getting our managers on boeard with the changes we have to conduct"

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